Motion Sense

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Motion Sense is a brand new technology for tracking the motion of any portable device with an embedded video camera. The technology uses only the video stream provided by the camera to determine the movement of the device relative to the environment.

This technology is free from any inertial sensors measuring meaning that it will work out of the box on any mobile device. It process inside-out tracking meaning it determines the movement of the device based on how the camera sees the environment. This method is opposed to the outside-in method that tracks the device based on a camera placed outside in the environment and looking at the markers on the device.

Motion Sense provides accurate tracking of the position and the rotation of the device in real time. It is activated by the press of a button and there is no initialization required. Technology uses only one camera to track the motion, making it superior in accuracy and speed to other methods that use two cameras for stereo vision. Motion Sense can also provide the scanned 3D environment in real time.

The applications of Motion Sense are unlimited. We plan to use it for mobile games to enable them with AR/VR, for enhancing videos with virtual content and for video advertising indoor and outdoor. We also plan to use Motion Sense to do facial animation and facial unlocking since it can provide scanned 3D mask of the face in real time. Other applications of Motion Sense include navigation of any object by tracking his position relatively to the environment based on the embedded camera.

Below we have developed some applications with Motion Sense. In the next video we present two video games demos, one real time strategy game and one first person shooter game. In the real time strategy game the view of the game is controled by the user by the way he moves the device, creating the impression of a portal to another dimension. In the first person shooter the user controls the movement of the character by the how the device is hold.

In the next video there is an augmented reality application with an animated character that is placed inside the room and that can be seen by moving the device around.

In the next video we use our technology to add content over a video that was just taken when the plane was about to land in Barcelona.


Our Story

The story of Motion Sense started in August 2015 when Alin Popescu was passionate about mobile gaming and came with the idea of having an RTS game that can be played atop of a table and in which the user controls the view of the game by the way he holds the device. Alin inbuilt his experience, creativity and advanced programming in disruptive and ground breaking technology, which aims to become gold standard in the field of visual motion tracking.

Srdjan Djordjevic joined the Motion Sense project in October 2016 bringing his extensive mobile ecosystem experience and industry contacts. His role is to bring technology to the market, to make it visible for developers, gaming community, industry partners, technology companies and mobile devices manufacturers. Commercialization of Motion Sense technology is his main task at this time.

The goal of the Motion Sense team is to provide new technology for mobile gaming, AR/VR, advertising and marketing purposes, but also to enhance effects of education and learning tools with novel technology, close to younger population. Motion Sense technology will support most important platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Play Station, Xbox, aiming to become core technology for multiplatform games and advanced advertisement which exploit AR/VR features.



Alin Popescu

CEO and Founder
Srdjan Djordjevic

Chief Business Development Officer and Founder